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    Relax and travel in comfort!

    We have a large and very diverse fleet of cars and buses, however we consider this is only the tip of the iceberg

  • Spectacular

    for your business!

    A place of calm contemplation with a privileged view of the most sacred place in Islam.

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    Steps from the holy mosque!

    This luxurious 5-star hotel provides a whole host of excellent facilities, including valet parking.

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    Propositions for you!

    Discover rare and intimate experiences at the top hotels. Immerse yourself in a passion, food, fine art, and personalized service.

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    The best views of the red sea!

    Enjoy a warm welcome to the city at the Sheraton Jeddah Hotel. Located on Jeddah’s fashionable and exclusive North Corniche,


Times change, but our dedication to perfecting the religious travel experience never will.

Holy Cities

Makkah and Al-Madinah have thousands of years in history - and both are ancient and modern cities at the center of the world.


Certain events in life are very significant. Retaj Al-Bait Transportation service can help you make the event even more memorable and comfortable.